Mar 29, 2017

Gaji Houseman Kontrak Cikai

I have precisely 40 minutes before having to go to work today at 5 pm. Funny, I haven't visited this dear blog of mine for weeks and reading back my last entry and that same worry of mine is still present. If ever, it is getting worse. I have now only three weeks before my supposedly end of posting date (EOP).

My phone keeps pinging with Whatsapp notifications from my work group chat. There is supposedly a departmental teaching and the MO is angry because currently only 11 of us are attending it now. LOL. I only need only one more teaching to go to in my logbook and there is very abysmal chance for me to waste it on my pre-night day.

A week ago the SPM results came out and as always, there is a lot going about people wanted to pursue Medicine and wanting to become a doctor. It's the same story every year. People look up to the profession and while we have been increasingly aware of the true working condition the doctors are experiencing and the public's general perception of it, a lot of you guys still, adamantly and vehemently, persist in wanting to become a doctor.

Well, for most of my part whining and wooing about my shitty experience being a lousy houseman, I will not discourage you guys to try. I still don't feel any special being a doctor - I think you are not meant to feel that way anyway; a doctor is not a superhero that can do everything and being a doctor doesn't entitled you to lord over anyone else (get the hint, malignant MOs). Being a doctor means you will sacrifice a lot of things, and by coming into terms with the inevitable future only then you can begin to settle down and embrace the hellhole of being a doctor.

Anyway, for those of you wondering about a houseman's pay, and still looking at salary as a factor to pursue Medicine in Malaysia, let me show you the pay slip as a bonus:

Oh shit it's 4.30 pm! I need to pray and start preparing to go to work! See ya!


  1. Hey Safuan, I'm beginning my housemanships in a week.. and your experience has been immensely helpful for preparing myself mentally and emotionally for it.. thank you for being honest.. ! Hope the HOs are kind to you :)

  2. Wow that is different. Rm5000+ for a houseman. It was rm3777 back in 2012. Dah jd mo baru merasa 5000+

  3. kalau MO pulak berapa? bole share ke

    1. First you have to pray for me brother so that I can finish my HOship in 1 piece ha.ha.ha *silent tears*

      Once I'm an MO I'll let you know LOL


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